“The Standard Of Care”

  • Always Provide a Clear Definition of Our Practice

  • Provide a Safe, Comfortable & Confidential Space for Healing

  • Qualified Professionals Practicing Proven Methods

  • Strive for a Consistent Experience for Every Client Every Time

  • Focus on Equality between Therapist & Client

  • Professionalism, Courtesy, & Respect for All

  • Utilization of a Comprehensible Process Based on Proven Methodology

  • Create a Clear & Easily Explainable Pathway of Healing

  • Goal of A Full Recovery for Everyone & Ongoing Support

  • Respect For All Ideologies, Belief Systems & Values

  • Consistent Focus on an Authentic & Empathetic Interaction

  • Respect For each Client as an Individual Having an Individual Experience

Basically, we want you to feel like you just got a big hug from a fuzzy bear riding a Pegasus, every time…