Licensed Professional Counseling

“The Standard of Care”

We believe in changing the status quo of therapy. Our purpose is & always will be to change the practice of mental healthcare forever by implementing a “Standard of Care” & delivering it in every client interaction. We observe a uniform set of standards that delivers to you the best, most effective counseling experience every time. This fundamental goal is our passion.


“Mental Wealth”


We believe that  life should be full of  “Mental Wealth”… We believe… No. Scratch that. We know…, that how we feel about ourselves, how we view the world & how we communicate our authenticity are the keys to a purpose-driven, full & beautiful life. We know that how you feel about yourself will always reflect in your external life.

We know that no one is “broken”. We all need healing, someone to talk to & solutions at any given point in our lives. It is the human experience. Life is a roller coaster. We want to be your guide.





“We exist to positively impact as many as possible, in the best way we know how.



“Culture of Empathy & Respect”

We love saying that.

It is our promise to always shake your hand, be courteous, & truly empathize with you as individual. We will respect your time. Hey, it’s the only true currency. You never get it back. We get that. Our team makes the promise to be authentic, honest & accepting.

We respect all values, beliefs & ideologies.

Step into your Power. It’s time..

Some might see their clients as the sum of their symptoms. Not us. We see an individual with a superpower ready to be unlocked. We have created a culture with a goal of manifesting a full recovery through fostering self-awareness & self-discovery with proven methods.


-A mind at peace, a mind centered and focused on happiness & gratitude, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.-

Dr. Wayne Dyer


The ARISE experience will always consist of a culture of “Teamwork”. You will always work TOGETHER with our highly qualified Licensed Counselors. The experience is about you & only you. We will always provide an upfront & clear pathway to healing & ongoing support.

We are a team of

Licensed Counselors

specializing in the treatment of:


Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Abuse, Narcissistic Abuse


Traumatic Life Events








Here are those proven methods we were talking about:


  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization &  Reprocessing)

  • DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

  • Mindfulness Techniques 

  • Guided Anxiety Relief Meditation     

  • Supportive Talk Therapy 

  • Trauma Informed Treatment

  • Cognitive Processing Therapy                                                                    

Become the most refined version of yourself. Do it because you deserve it & we know it.