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The Standard of Care


Always Provide a Clear Definition of Our Practice

Provide a Safe, Comfortable & Confidential Space for Healing

Qualified Professionals Practicing Result-Driven Methods

Consistent Experience for Every Client Every Time

Focus on Equality between Client & Professional

Professionalism, Courtesy, & Respect for All

Utilization of Techniques Based on Result-Driven Methodologies

Creation of a Clear & Easily Explainable Pathway of Healing

Goal of Measurable Healing & Ongoing Support

Respect For All Ideologies, Beliefs, & Values

Consistent Focus on an Authentic & Empathetic Interaction

Respect For each Client as an Individual Having an Individual Experience

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Arise Healing Centers

19820 N. 7th St., Suite 145

Phoenix, AZ 85024

(602) 859-5550